About Us

Our History

DM Simpson was founded in 1868 by Donald McClain Simpson to provide engineering services principally to the sugar mills of the island. Sugar and its derivatives remained the main thrust through to the 1970’s when declining sugar production coupled with rationalization of the refineries led to a sharp reduction in the number of refineries.

This coincided with a growth in the manufacturing, food processing and tourism sectors where the services of a company such as DM Simpson were needed. Today these sectors provide the bulk of the company’s revenue, with the hospitality sector playing an increasingly significant role.

DM Simpson operated as a partnership until 1969 when it was bought by the Barbados Foundry Group and was incorporated as DM Simpson & CO (1969) LTD. The Foundry group was heavily dependent on the sugar industry and collapsed in 1984 despite attempts at diversification that were ultimately unable to offset the losses inflicted by the sharply declining sugar industry. In 1984, the company was reincorporated as D. M. Simpson & Co. (1984) Ltd and has been operating as such up to the present day.

Our Team

H Chris Sikkens


Chris studied at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, attaining a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2003.

Lewin Stoute

(Mechanical Engineer)

Lewin Stoute is the senior Mechanical Engineer at DM Simpson.  He completed his studies at Florida Tech, graduating in 2001.

Alan Alkins

(B.S.E. Civil Engineering Technology)

Alan is an experienced engineering professional with expertise in pumps, pumping equipment, fluid handling, controls, and steam systems…

Jeremy O’Dowd


Jeremy is a former Merchant Marine Engineering Officer and is a licensed Marine Engineer with over a decade of experience

Our Core Values

Our company is built on the foundation of RESPECT as our backbone. We strive on creating a respectable environment for all those who interact with us and our brand at DM Simpson.

R We do things the Right Way.

E We take care of Each Other (Everyone – our team, our customers)

S Safety first always.

P Clean Property is a Priority. Whether personal or company property, we keep workspaces and vehicles tidy.

E Professional Environment. We speak respectfully to our clients and employees.

C Constructive and Collaborative Communication.

T We respect other people’s Time.

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